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14. Judas   (15.07.2016 10:12) E-mail
They looked so cool back in the days. Had some balls to walk like that.

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13. sake   (14.06.2016 23:22) E-mail
kaaos on aina legenda.
jakke oli todellinen punk kuolemaansa saakka.
lepää rauhassa. et näe tällaisia bändejä enää...

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12. Jelenaa   (17.05.2016 22:34) E-mail
Awesome website,cool photos&videos and nice informations biggrin

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11. Heikki Lumirinne   (13.03.2016 15:46) E-mail

Ei kellään sattus olemaan "politiikka"-biisin sanoja missään? Kaaoksen parhaita biisejä
mun mielestä, enkä oo koskaan nähny sanoja missään. Biisistäkään ei oikein kaikista
sanoista saa selvää joten ois kiva saada ne ihan kirjoitetussa muodossa.

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10. )))   (08.07.2015 19:09)

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9. 324832   (19.05.2015 20:22)
this is fucking great band! true punk to the end. rip jakke & nappi

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8. chimney   (16.04.2015 08:45)
Hanz, i saw one from '85 i think in a horrible quality on youtube, but basically these videos you are talking about are all kaaos videos as far as i know. there might be some exceptions if someone will dig out his old vhs tapes and by some chance will find another kaaos video, but 4 videos are all kaaos material, which was traded worldwide, so if something else exist - good luck finding it

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7. Hanz   (27.11.2014 22:08)
Any other videos of kaaos (except these 3 live shows and their rehearasal) exist?

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6. system fucker   (01.11.2014 13:54)
Fucking awesome website. Probably the most complete material on kaaos as possible. But why it's so quiet here? Come on people, let's tear this fucking place apart biggrin

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5. keho   (04.06.2014 00:16)
Fuck yeah! Kaaos is the best!

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4. punk   (01.06.2014 13:33)
legendary band. one of the best. too bad that there is no such bands these days. and probably there will never be...

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3. AleX   (05.04.2014 19:03)
Great website! Thanks for the rare videos, never seen them before! Kaaos forever!

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2. V_V   (31.03.2014 13:35)
long live kaaos!
r.i.p. jakke

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1. TOTAL KAAOS   (28.03.2014 12:41)


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